Grad Slam 2021 Registration

    Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 5:00 PM until 7:00 PMPacific Standard Time

    Join us for a unique virtual opportunity to see some of UCI's top graduate scholars show off their impressive research in a competition setting. Even though the competition will look a little different this year in a virtual format, we want YOU to be here!

    We started off with 50 impressive semifinals contestants and by the time this even rolls around, we'll be down to the final 10! Once the finalists have been chosen, we'll give you a brief bio on each of them. The winner will earn the right to crowned "2021 UCI Grad Slam Champion"!

    What is Grad Slam?
    Grad Slam is a systemwide competition that showcases and awards the best three-minute research presentations by graduate scholars. This competition not only highlights the excellence, importance and relevance of UCI graduate scholars and their research, but it is also designed to increase graduate students' communication skills and their capacity to effectively present their work with poise and confidence. It is an opportunity to share accomplishments with the campus, friends of UCI, the local community, and the broader public.