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    Graduate School Application Bootcamp Series

    Join us for our Graduate School Application Bootcamp Series

    Choosing a Graduate Program
    Wednesday, May 15, 2024 12:00pm - 12:50 pm PDT/3:00pm - 3:50pm EDT

    In this workshop, we cover the difference between a master’s and a Ph.D. program, factors to consider when applying, and considering potential research advisors.

    Navigating the Graduate Application Process
    Tuesday, May 21, 2024 4:00pm - 4:50 pm PDT/7:00pm - 7:50pm EDT

    In this workshop, we introduce the graduate application process to prospective UCI students. We will discuss the typical materials needed for an application, walk through a timeline for application and share our personal experiences as graduate students.

    UCI Graduate Student Panel
    Thursday, May 23, 2024 4:00pm -4:50pm PDT/7:00pm - 7:50pm EDT

    UCI Graduate ambassadors reflect on their journey to graduate education and provide insight on UCI graduate student life!

    Upcoming Events

    Meet with UCI Graduate Division at your local graduate and professional school fair or national conference. Preview our travel schedule below.
    11/13/2024ABRCMSDavid L. Lawrence Convention Center

    UCI Graduate Student Ambassadors 

    Graduate Ambassadors are available to share their experiences as a student at UCI and answer your questions.  Through these interactions, the Graduate Ambassadors will help you gain a more informed perspective about the non-academic aspects of attending UCI as a graduate student.  Furthermore, this program is intended to help empower you to apply to UCI and see that you can thrive here.

    After reviewing our Graduate Ambassadors' profiles, please click "Contact Us" and fill out the form. We will do our best to match you with your preferred Graduate Ambassador. 

    Example of questions you may want to ask a Graduate Ambassador:

    • What is housing like near campus?
    • How easy is it to get around on public transport?
    • What is the nightlife/social life like?
    • What are the sports facilities and activities like?
    • Why did you choose UCI?
    • How accessible is the faculty?
    • What do you like most about studying at UCI?

    The Graduate Ambassadors can speak directly about their experiences at UCI.  If you have questions about admissions or the application process, please contact us here.

    Connect with a Graduate Ambassador 

    Meet our Ambassadors!

    Gabriella Bertaccini

    Hometown: San Jose, California

    Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Davis

    Department and year in program: Physiology and Biophysics, 5th year 

    My name is Gabby Bertaccini, and I am an incoming 5th year in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. I came directly from my undergraduate institution, UC Davis, and began graduate school in 2019. I truly didn't know what graduate school would have in store for me and what my life would look like 5 years later. Graduate school has surprised me in many ways, including my interest in advanced microscopy among other biology techniques. I can confidently say that my years at UCI have been the most significant investment in myself, both academically and personally. When evaluating graduate schools, I had many qualities and attributes in mind ranging from academic rigor to work-life balance. I found my best combination at UCI, and I can't wait to share with prospective students why UCI may also be a great fit for them. 

    Ashley Green

    Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

    Undergraduate institution: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    Department and year in program Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, 4th year

    My name is Ashley Green and I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCI researching water quality and wastewater-based surveillance efforts. My field interests me because of its interdisciplinary nature that allows for opportunities to engage with communities, create more equitable water access, and participate in the public policy process. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, baking, and trying new foods and currently, I am learning how to crochet (wish me luck). As a Black, Queer, woman in STEM, I have struggled to find spaces where I can be holistically myself in the academic or professional workforce. However, UCI has helped me find/build that community through mentorship opportunities, extracurriculars, and even events outside of UCI in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. I am excited to be a Graduate Student Ambassador for the 23-24 academic year because of the opportunity to help students feel more confident in their decisions surrounding graduate school and to support students seeking community at UCI.

    Joseph Hin Yan Lam 

    Hometown: Hong, Kong  

    Undergraduate institution: University of Hong Kong 

    Department and year in program: Education, 3rd year

    Joseph Hin Yan Lam is a Ph.D. student in the School of Education, specializing in Human Development in Context (HDiC). His research interests focus on bilingual language and literacy development in typical and atypical school-age children and its impact on learning. In his free time, he enjoyed swimming, cooking, and hiking. Also, he loves exploring various restaurants around Orange County. He believes food is the best way to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

    Melanie Hacopian  

    Hometown: Glendale, CA.  

    Undergraduate institutions: Pasadena City College, Cal State Long Beach (transfer student)  

    Department and Year: UCI Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 4th year 

    I am a Ph.D. student studying how microorganisms are affected by different global change factors. In my free time I like to play piano, paint, explore California’s nature, and spend time with my family and cat. I started my research journey at Pasadena City College and continued when I transferred to CSULB. I applied for Ph.D. programs during my senior year and was accepted to UCI EEB. I would love to share my insights on the graduate application process and grad life at UCI!  

    Connect with a Graduate Ambassador 

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